Readers ask: Who Is Diamond A Sheep?

What’s so special about Double Diamond sheep?

Double Diamond is a Texal Ram, a breed from Texal in the Netherlands that is known for its lean meat and wool that are used for hosiery yarns. A six-month-old lamb called ‘Double Diamond’ was sold for a record-breaking £367,500 ($490,059, Rs 3 crore) at an auction in Glasgow, Scotland this week.

Who sold double diamond sheep?

The lamb, called Double Diamond, was sold for 367,500 pounds in the Scottish National Texel Sale at the Lanark Agricultural Centre by breeders Charlie Boden and family, from Stockport in Greater Manchester.

Why is the Double Diamond sheep so expensive?

The staggering price tag was a result of Double Diamond’s superior genetic status, with the help of good timing. It’s currently mating season. His proud new owners are a consortium of breeders — Auldhouseburn, Procters and New View — who plan to use him to breed with other prized female lambs.

What is a Double Diamond sheep?

A Texel lamb has broken the record to become the world’s most expensive sheep. It was sold for nearly £368,000 or Rs 3.5 crore in Scotland Its name is Double Diamond, and on August 27 it was sold for 350,000 guineas at the Scottish National Texel Sale. It was sold by Charlie Boden from Cheshire and is embryo-bred.

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What is the most expensive sheep ever sold?

World’s most expensive sheep sold for £368,000

  • A Texel lamb has become the world’s most expensive sheep after being sold for almost £368,000 at an auction in Scotland.
  • The six-month-old Texel ram was sold in Lanark by breeder Charlie Boden to a consortium of sheep farmers.

Why is Texel sheep so expensive?

The high price has been attributed to the lamb’s strong physical attributes, and Deveronvale Perfection will be used for breeding.

What is the most prolific breed of sheep?

Prolific breeds of sheep include Finnsheep, Romanov, and Booroola Merino. Most of the hair sheep breeds also have good prolificacy. The Booroola Merino is noteworthy because it has a single gene that is responsible for its high reproductive rate. The “F” (fecundity) gene can be transferred to other breeds.

Why are lamb prices so high?

Tight supply, a tariff-free EU deal and limited imports mean lamb prices should stay high. This was on a throughput of just over 75,000 head, itself a 99% rise on the previous week, which also saw a substantial price increase.

How many breeds of sheep are there in England?

The UK is made up of a huge range of terrains and landscapes, playing host to approximately 90 different sheep breeds and crosses.

Whats the most expensive RAM?

It’s the Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn, and it’s got a price tag so high that only the truly rich can afford to buy it.

  • The cost of the Ram Laramie Longhorn. According to, the Ram 3500 Longhorn starts at $89,685.
  • The most expensive Ram Truck offers fantastic luxury.
  • Why the Ram Laramie Longhorn is not for everyone.
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What’s the most expensive lamb?

According to The Guardian, a Texel sheep called Double Diamond sold for a record price for the breed at a livestock auction in Lanark, near Glasgow, Scotland. The sheep sold for £367,500 (about $492,000 USD). Three breeders apparently teamed up to pay for the expensive, six-month-old sheep.

How many ewes can a ram cover?

Fertile adult rams can serve at least 5 ewes per day, so over a 34 days breeding season (2 full estrus cycles), one ram could theoretically service over 150 ewes.

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