Quick Answer: How To Make Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup?

Is Little Sheep hot pot soup base vegetarian?

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot provides six different kinds of soup. If you are a vegetarian, you can order the vegetarian mushroom soup base. The broth simmers for several hours, so you can taste the essence of all the ingredients. “The aroma of the spicy soup is great,” one replied.

What is hot pot broth made of?

Mongolian-style hot pot is known for its flavorful broth, which contains ingredients like goji berries, jujubes, and a mix of herbs. The city of Chongqing is famous for its use of Sichuan peppercorns and other mouth-numbing ingredients.

Is Little Sheep hot pot soup base gluten free?

Yea, everything is gluten free, be sure to check the broths but I ate there yesterday and I’m celiac and was ok. One thing to avoid is soy sauce, and any variety of sauces that uses it as an ingredient. Soy Sauce unless explicitly labelled on the packaging isn’t gluten free.

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What is the best hot pot soup base?

Hot Pot Broth Bases to Stock Up on for Lunar New Year

  • Little Sheep Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base. Little Sheep is a classic and reliable broth base.
  • Haidilao Hot Pot Broth Flavor.
  • DeZhuang Porcini Mushroom Hot Pot Base.
  • QINMA Tomato Hot Pot Soup Base.
  • Lee Kum Kee Seafood Hot Pot Base.
  • Bullhead Satay Hot Pot Soup Base.

Can you buy hot pot broth?

Buying & Storing You’ll find hot pot soup bases in Chinese grocery stores. The type we use most often is the spicy Sichuan flavor. They come in small plastic packets, usually to make one large pot of broth. If using the soup base for a stir-fry, you’ll usually only need a couple tablespoons.

What vegetables are good for hot pot?

The Best Vegetables for Hot Pot

  • Greens like spinach, baby bok choy, morning glory, kale, watercress, and always chopped Napa cabbage.
  • Mushrooms of any and every variety like shiitake, oyster, brown, enoki.
  • Bean sprouts.
  • Onions like green onion, sliced red or sweet yellows.
  • Bell peppers or spicy peppers.
  • Asparagus.
  • Snap peas.

How do you use Haidilao soup base?


  1. • Spicy Hot Pot:
  2. Add one packet of soup base for hot pot into 1.5L (About 6 cups) of boiling water.
  3. Add vegetables or meat to taste.

How do you use hot pot soup base?

How do you use a hot pot base? Most of the time the hot pot base will have instructions on the back of the package. And usually one package is sufficient for one meal, diluted with 6 to 8 cups of water. Simply combine your hot pot base with water and heat it until boiling, then your dinner party is ready to start.

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How do you make hot pot healthy?

Tips for a healthy hot pot

  1. Select a light soup base for your hot pot.
  2. Choose lean over fat.
  3. Go easy on carbohydrates.
  4. Add more high-fibre vegetables to your hot pot.
  5. Choose light dipping sauces.
  6. Go easy on processed foods such as fish balls, meatballs, cuttlefish balls, and crab sticks.

Can you save hot pot broth?

#SpoonTip: If you want to save the broth for leftovers, take out the ingredients left in the pot that have starch, like udon noodles and ramen noodles, to prevent the broth from thickening overnight.

Do you drink hot pot broth?

As we said, eating hotpot is about socializing, so a hotpot night usually lasts more than two hours. When you’ve already eaten all the food you wanted, make sure you drink some of the delicious soup you made… it will taste great!

How do you make hot pot?

Essentially you can cook any kind of meat in hot pot, as long as it’s sliced thinly. You pop it into the boiling water, swish it around a bit (or let the pot come back up to a boil if you’re super scared of raw food), pull it out and eat it. Typically thinly sliced beef, pork, and chicken is very popular.

Where can I buy Hai Di Lao soup base?

Buy Hai Di Lao soup base at supermarkets According to gazillion forum posts and blogs, it is possible to buy them at 2 local supermarkets: Giant and Sheng Shiong. There are a total of 62 Giant outlets and 43 Sheng Shiong outlets island wide. All you have to do is to head down to the outlet nearest to you!

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