Quick Answer: How Do You Teach A Sheepdog To Watch The Sheep?

How do you train a sheepdog command?


  1. Train pups for 5-10 minutes each day.
  2. Start training on a small batch of quiet sheep.
  3. Use a long line so dogs can be stopped.
  4. Use a “clock face” to keep positions.
  5. Let young dogs build their confidence gradually.
  6. Avoid confrontational situations.

What age do you start training a sheepdog?

The usual age to begin sheepdog training is between 6 and 12 months. We need the puppy to be fast enough to head the sheep, and to be mentally mature enough to cope with the stress of training and close proximity to livestock.

How hard is it to train a sheepdog?

It can seem very difficult to get involved, and it appears to be much easier if you have countryside contacts. However there are a growing number of sheepdog trainers making themselves available. There are no hard and fast rules of how to train a sheep dog, however most trainers will train the basics in a similar way.

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How do you stop a sheep dog from biting sheep?

Be more clear and encouraging. Talk to your dog as much as you can. If you’re talking in a soft, reassuring voice, he’s far less likely to grip. Watch him closely, does he grip at a particular time or after a certain move’ If so, try to avoid that move for a while.

What is the best breed of dog for herding sheep?

Top 10 Herding Dog Breeds

  • Belgian Malinois.
  • Cardigan Welsh corgi.
  • Rough collie.
  • Australian cattle dog.
  • Australian shepherd.
  • Pembroke Welsh corgi.
  • German shepherd. This classic working dog was originally bred to herd sheep.
  • Border collie. Border collies possess a remarkable intelligence, obedience, and stamina.

What are the sheep dog commands?


  • Lie Down.
  • Come Bye (Left flank)
  • Steady or Take Time.
  • Look Back.
  • Call Off (That’ll do)

What do sheepdog commands mean?

The basic commands generally used in sheepdog training are traditional. “Come-bye” tells the dog to move clockwise whilst “Away” means move anticlockwise around the sheep. Other commands are “walk up” which means move towards the sheep. “Steady” and “Time now” – both meaning slow down or keep going slowly.

How do you teach herding commands?

Attach your dog to a long-leash (one that is 20 to 30 feet long) and walk him up towards a small herd of animals or flock of birds while giving him the ‘ walk-up ‘ command. Give your pup plenty of time to get used to being around the herd and reward him with a treat when he calms down.

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At what age are border collies fully grown?

At what age is a Border Collie fully grown? Most Border Collies will stop growing around 15 months old. However, larger Border Collies may need up to 18 months to finish filling out their chest. The majority of Border Collies will be at their adult height at about a year old.

Are sheepdogs easy to train?

According to dog trainers, Old English Sheepdogs score out of 5 in the scale of breeds that are considered as the easiest dogs to train.

What makes a good sheepdog?

A good sheepdog is one that possesses natural instinct. But a great sheepdog is one that is born knowing how to work stock, has natural power, patience and possesses a great aptitude to learn quickly. One that never worries sheep but works them with a quiet determined confidence.

How do I teach myself to come by and away?

Give the command “come bye,” take a step forward and move the dog around you in a clockwise fashion. Call the dog back to the center and repeat the command until she readily runs in a clockwise circle when she hears the “come bye” command.

Do sheep dogs need training?

A little training will cultivate his natural ability. In fact, even if your dog is not one of the herding breeds, he may still have the agility and intelligence to be trained to herd. You can begin by teaching your dog to stay when you throw a favorite toy, then to chase it on command.

Is it hard to train a herding dog?

While yes, herding dogs are very smart, this alone does not mean training them is easy-peasy. They often show intense motion sensitivity, have low food drive, can be suspicious of strangers and noises, are not very interested in cuddling and sketched out by tight spaces or people “intruding their bubble”.

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