Question: What Is Apple Sheep?

Are Apple users sheep?

Android users refer to Apple users as “isheep” because…well, Android and PC users in general are either uninformed about the lower quality of the build and configuration, including components, of their own products….or they are intimidated by the cost of Apple products.

What do you call Apple fanatics?

Apple fans haven’t only been called sheeple over the years. They’re also commonly called “ fanboys,” another term to describe those who love the company without question.

How do Apple deal with fanboys?

So on to your question: the best way to shut up an Apple Fanboy is to appear to be on their side: “Absolutely. Apple has the best designed products in their class. No argument here.” Once they think you are one of them, they’ll probably shut up. If they don’t just say “look, could we talk about something else?

Why are there so many Apple fanboys?

Originally Answered: Why are there so many stuborn Apple fanboys? There’s many Apple fanboys and there’s many fanboys for Android- they stick to what they love, and they try to get people to like them. It’s kind of like religion, where people stick to what they believe in, and they try to spread it.

How does the Apple ecosystem work?

Apple’s ecosystem is often described as a walled garden. While peripherals such as AirPods, HomePods and AirTags integrate complimentarily into the ecosystem, with products such as the iPhone, it doesn’ t function as well or with as many features with competitive devices such as Android smartphones.

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How can you tell an Apple fanboy?

5 ways to spot an Apple fan

  1. They subscribe to MobileMe and have for quite some time.
  2. They have never owned a PC.
  3. They usually refer to their laptop as a PowerBook, iBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro.
  4. They put Apple stickers on devices they like, but aren’t Apple-made.
  5. They cringe at buying generic versions of Apple-made products.

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