Question: What Does A Sheep Need In Zoo 2 Animal Park?

Can you breed animals in Zoo 2?

Once purchased, you’ll need to wait for construction of it to complete. In the meantime, you can make sure that you have everything else you need – that is a pair of animals to breed (one male, one female, in the same enclosure) and a shelter that has been suitably upgraded.

How do you get more land on Zoo 2: Animal Park?

Main Zoo. Expansions are unlocked with the tutorial quests which give a free expansion. Then from level 7 till level 105, each level unlocks a new expansion in exchange for coins or diamonds.

How do you make money in Zoo 2: Animal Park?

Watch a turn of pending missions and complete them all for rapid growth in Zoo 2 Animal Park. By building money-making facilities like ice cream vans, snack vans or beverage vans, you can make a decent income from it. Don’t forget to upgrade these stores to earn even more money.

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How do you get different color animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park?

The Special Color Variant Animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park

  1. By solving quests.
  2. As a reward for some seasonal events.
  3. By taking part in special breeding events.
  4. By completing Visitor Center collections.
  5. By taking part in certain club contests.

How do you get a Level 5 animal in zoo 2?

Completing the “Breed a level 5 animal” quest Whenever you put a male and female level 1 animal together, the dice are rolled and with a bit of luck, they will make a level 2 baby animal.

How do you get animals to level 15 in Zoo Tycoon?

Depending on their level of care, it will generally take around two hours of actual playtime for a single animal to go from Level 1 to 15. Once an animal is Level 15, go into Edit Exhibit>Animals>View Animals. Use the bumpers to highlight the Level 15 animal and then to select it.

How many levels are there in Zoo 2: Animal Park?

With more than 100 levels and more than a dozen different characters, you will never go bored when playing Zoo 2: Animal Park.

How do you get XP in Zoo 2: Animal Park?

To earn EXP, complete the quests, build unlocked items, feed animals, play with them, and there are many more ways such as selling animals(not recommended), watering plants, removing trash, and more.

How do you get to the mastery level in Zoo 2?

When you hit level 10, Madame Yu, the director of the Zoo Academy will introduce herself and present you the first few tasks. You can complete regular tasks to earn Mastery Points (depicted as scrolls in quest rewards) towards a Zoo Mastery Level.

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Why does Zoo 2 keep crashing?

For example, it can be due to the iOS operating system for Apple devices or the Android operating system for Android devices, which can cause crashes in some apps. Install the latest iOS or Android version. Check Zoo 2: Animal Park for updates and update if necessary. Restart smartphone or tablet completely.

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