Often asked: What Is An Aoudad Sheep?

Is an aoudad a sheep or goat?

Aoudad, (Ammotragus lervia), also called Barbary sheep, North African goatlike mammal of the family Bovidae (order Artiodactyla). This species has been inappropriately called a sheep, although recent genetic information reveals that it is much more closely related to wild goats.

Is aoudad meat good eating?

Aoudad meat is edible. When prepared properly, it can be tasty even. Even though aoudad are technically a goat/antelope subspecies, everyone in Texas just calls them sheep. Most of the knowledgeable people I’ve talked to about aoudad hunting said that I couldn’t eat the meat.

Do aoudad sheep taste good?

Be careful how you take care of the animal in the field, and aoudad meat smells just like other game meats. When I have prepared it, most folks describe the taste as mild, almost lean beef-like. If interested in a free-range aoudad hunt, check out the hunt page.

What is an aoudad deer?

The aoudad, also known as barbary sheep, is a species from North Africa. This relatively large animal has a tan, bristly coat and a heavy fringe of hair on its throat. Their outward curved horns are used in competition for females.

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Is the Aoudad dangerous?

Aoudads have been known to displace bighorns to lower-quality habitats with less nutritious plants and are voracious enough to strip landscapes bare. They also have been found to carry a bacterium that can cause pneumonia in domestic goats and sheep like the desert bighorn.

Why do people hunt Aoudad?

Because aoudads are considered an invasive species, hunters can shoot as many as they want, whenever they want. But hunters will hire an expert like Daugherty to guide them through the rough terrain to find a trophy ram.

Do Aoudad sheep shed their horns?

They do not shed their horns like ungulates shed antlers. Instead, their horns grow until the animal dies.

Is there a season for Aoudad in Texas?

Season. Hunting season for aoudad is open year round however, we schedule our hunts mainly from December-March and this is for a couple of reasons. Also, if you want to hunt a mule deer, we can take advantage of the rut (mid-December thru mid-January).

Is mouflon good to eat?

The mouflon lamb fillet is extremely well-suited for grilling on high temperature. The fact that it is so easy to prepare, but still super tasty, makes this extraordinary piece of meat a top-class appetizer for any festive occasion. Mouflons are a type of wild sheep which can weigh up to 120 lbs.

Can you eat red sheep?

Yes, you can cook and eat lamb rare. Unless it is a shank which has been braised, lamb is often cooked rare. Lamb is considered safe when cooked to 140 F. Most people cook it slightly more rare than that and it’s still pretty safe.

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How big is a trophy Aoudad?

Most hunters and exotic game ranchers consider a trophy size Aoudad to be anything that measures over 26-27″, which makes quite an impressive mount.

How do you cook sheep mouflon?

Place into oven and roast until it reaches an internal temperature of 135 degrees F for medium, about 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes, or until desired doneness. Let rest 15 minutes before slicing.

Is aoudad hard to hunt?

The hunt is physically demanding On some ranches you can hunt aoudad from a blind and over a feeder, but if you do that you’re missing a huge part of the hunt. Look for a free-range hunt that requires spot-and-stalk. The tough terrain calls for some physical and mental toughness.

How do you attract aoudad?

Habitat and Food If it looks like good muley country or bighorn browse, the aoudad will love it. Mountain Mohagany (Alder leaf type – Common in Texas Panhandle) and other low browse brush is their favorite food source. I have also noticed that they key in on Morman Tea and Javilina Bush.

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