In “a&p,” Who Does The Narrator Call “the Sheep.”?

Why does Sammy call the customers sheep?

In John Updike’s short story “A&P,” Sammy calls the people in the store sheep. Sammy refers to the people as sheep because he fails to see any differences between them. Essentially, he does not look at them as individuals. The girls do not follow the unstated rules and are not considered sheep by Sammy.

What does sheep represent in A&P?

Sammy refers to both the shoppers in the A&P and the two girls with Queenie as followers, or “sheep.” Sheep, for Sammy, symbolize people who just follow the flock, unthinkingly doing what everybody else does. Sheep are symbols of the ultimate, most blind conformity.

What name does Sammy call the older shoppers why does he give them the name?

Sammy says he’s one of the “bums,” a favorite term of his for the customers. Later, he labels them “scared pigs in a chute,” further dehumanizing them.

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How is Sammy sarcastic?

Sammy is used to being a sarcastic, ironic observer of the rules, whereas Queenie and her friends simply ignore those rules. When Queenie defends herself against Lengel by insisting, “We are decent,” she is only trying to get out of an embarrassing situation.

How does Sammy feel about the customers in the store?

In “A&P,” Sammy thinks of the regular customers in the A&P as sheep because they seem to him timid and obedient like sheep, flocked together in one indiscriminate herd. Calling them sheep shows his contempt for them but also helps him distinguish between them and the girls he admires, Queenie and her friends.

Why did Sammy quit his job in A&P?

His desire to set himself apart from them—to prove that he is different—compels him to quit his job. However, he announces, “I quit” primarily because he wants the girls to overhear him, and the gesture loses resonance when he realizes they didn’t notice it.

What do the girls symbolize in A&P?

The bathing suits that the girls wear into the A&P are an emblem of the girls’ casual disregard of the social rules of the small town. They also represent the girls’ deliberate provocation, an attempt to attract the eye of every man they encounter.

What does Sammy symbolize in A&P?

Sammy refers to the regular A&P customers as “sheep,” which is a metaphor that draws attention to their sameness or herd behavior.

What is the irony in A&P?

Bridgett Sumner, M.A. The dramatic irony of Updike’s story comes at the end: Sammy’s grand gesture of defiance by quitting his job to protest Lengel’s judgment of the girls falls short of any real resonance. The girls don’t notice, and perhaps all that Sammy has accomplished is achieving unemployment.

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Is Sammy happy with his job in A&P?

Sammy quits his job so suddenly in an attempt to impress Queenie and gain her admiration. Since Sammy hopes to personally benefit from his dramatic decision, his quitting is not genuinely heroic and would constitute merely the misguided idealism of a rebellious adolescent.

How is Sammy a hero in A&P?

Sammy is an unrecognized hero whose drastic actions initially seemed illogical. His rebellious attitude is an indication of his willingness to stand with those people who are oppressed and also to stand firm for what he believes is right thing. He therefore becomes a hero to himself and to the oppressed.

How does Sammy See Lengel?

Lengel is the A&P’s manager. Also a Sunday school teacher, he runs the A&P with a watchful eye, and Sammy describes him as ” dreary.” Lengel acts as a kind of force for conformity, and reprimands the girls for wearing their bathing suits into the store, embarrassing Queenie and, ultimately, causing Sammy to quit.

Why does Sammy not like his job?

He wanted freedom and independence from the store, from his job, from his parents, and finally obtained it by quitting. > Sammy quit his job in the story “A&P,” by John Updike, because he wanted to prove himself to be independent and get rid of his dependence on his parents.

Is Sammy in A&P flat or round?

In “A & P” by John Updike, Sammy is the protagonist. The story is told from Sammy’s point of view, and we find out much more about Sammy than we do about the other characters. Thus you are absolutely correct in saying that Sammy is a rounded character and the other characters are flat.

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What is the message of A&P by John Updike?

The main message of the story is the choice made by the main character. He rebels against the society that is consumer-conditioned and chooses to live honestly and meaningfully. The nature of this rebellion is what J. Updike wanted to show in his A&P short story.

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