FAQ: What Is Sammy Saying When He Says People Are Like Sheep And A Pig In Chute?

What does Sammy mean when he refers to the customers at the A&P as sheep and pigs in a chute?

Sammy refers to the regular customers in the A&P as sheep because to him, they are like a herd of sheep. They are timid and do what they are told. They flock, to his mind, into one indiscriminate herd.

Why does Sammy refer to the customers as sheep?

In John Updike’s short story “A&P,” Sammy calls the people in the store sheep. Sammy refers to the people as sheep because he fails to see any differences between them. Essentially, he does not look at them as individuals. The girls do not follow the unstated rules and are not considered sheep by Sammy.

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What is Sammy’s attitude toward his job?

The irony of Sammy’s sense of superiority is that he realizes that, in the eyes of the rich, carefree Queenie, he must seem just like Stokesie and the straight-laced Lengel. His desire to set himself apart from them—to prove that he is different—compels him to quit his job.

What does Sammy call the regular customers in the store who are staring at the girls in the bathing suits?

Sammy says he’s one of the “bums,” a favorite term of his for the customers. Later, he labels them “scared pigs in a chute,” further dehumanizing them.

What do sheep symbolize in A&P?

Sammy refers to both the shoppers in the A&P and the two girls with Queenie as followers, or “sheep.” Sheep, for Sammy, symbolize people who just follow the flock, unthinkingly doing what everybody else does. Sheep are symbols of the ultimate, most blind conformity.

How does Sammy describe Queenie?

According to him, she has a queen-like presence. She is a leader, not a follower. She’s not afraid to go against the grain and is proud of who she is. Sammy thinks she’s probably from a fairly wealthy family.

Why does Sammy think the world will be hard on him?

In an interview, Updike said that Sammy thinks life will be hard for him because he lives in a small town where everybody knows everything about everybody, and he might get a reputation as a “quitter.” In the same interview Updike said that in the early 1960s “people by and large conformed and were expected to conform”

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What is the name of Sammy’s boss at the store?

This feeling is quickly supplanted by pure excitement as the girls choose Sammy’s checkout line to make their purchase. Lengel, the store manager, approaches Sammy’s checkout lane.

Who is Lengel?

Lengel is the stuffy manager of the A&P. He’s also a local Sunday school teacher. He is the story’s villain, the guy who embarrasses the girls and threatens Sammy with a horrible future. Lengel comes into the story late, just in time to stop all the fun from happening.

What is so ironic about Sammy quitting his job?

Why is it ironic? Sammy quits his job so suddenly in an attempt to impress Queenie and gain her admiration. Since Sammy hopes to personally benefit from his dramatic decision, his quitting is not genuinely heroic and would constitute merely the misguided idealism of a rebellious adolescent.

Why exactly does Sammy quit his job?

In “A&P,” Sammy quits his job as a romantic gesture in an attempt to gain Queenie’s attention and admiration. Sammy hopes that Queenie will take notice of his gesture and possibly entertain the idea of dating him.

Is Sammy a hero?

Sammy is an unrecognized hero whose drastic actions initially seemed illogical. His rebellious attitude is an indication of his willingness to stand with those people who are oppressed and also to stand firm for what he believes is right thing. He therefore becomes a hero to himself and to the oppressed.

What really causes Mr Lengel to be angry with the girls is his anger justified?

What attitudes cause Mr. Lengel to be angry with the girls? Is his anger justified? His anger is sort of justified because it is store policy 8.

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How does Sammy view Stokesie?

Sammy condescends to Stokesie, who intends to make a career out of working at the A&P. However, Sammy also identifies with Stokesie in some ways and sees him as a cautionary example of how he himself might end up.

What traits does Sammy show in A&P?

In the story “A&P,” Updike is successful in drawing Sammy’s character in a few brief strokes, showing that Sammy is observant, imaginative, rash, impulsive, and longs for a better life. He is no less heroic for wanting to be noticed by the girls for his heroism.

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